Starting a new scholarship or listing an existing one?

CommonScholarshipApp makes creating, listing and managing scholarships easier than ever.

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CommonScholarshipApp is the only platform integrated with, a unique platform that allows individuals, businesses, organizations, and corporations to create scholarships for free without tax deductions.

CommonScholarshipApp Platform

CommonScholarshipApp is the go-to platform to list and manage your scholarships with access to thousands of students in search of scholarships. Our platform shows your scholarship to thousands of qualifying students for you.

CommonScholarshipApp Member

As a scholarship providing member, you’ll be able to list your scholarship and access thousands of students in our database. Our advanced API sorts and matches your scholarship with the top applicants based on eligibility and criteria. You’ll have access to our dashboard, designed to make scholarship management easier than ever.

Create or List Your Scholarship

Step 1.

Create a profile and scholarship

Help students get to know more about your scholarship. Begin by filling out our standardized scholarship template and about your scholarship so we can deliver you the top applicants eligible for your scholarship.

Step 2.

Set your eligiblity requirements and supplemental information

Choose who can apply for your scholarship by setting eligibility requirements. If your scholarship requires supplementary information, such as a unique essay or personal video, add them to the application process.

Step 3.

Manage your scholarship

You’ll be able to manage your scholarship applicants directly within our dashboard — you’ll be able to view the number of applicants in real-time, manage any supplementary information, see top applicants that are most compatible to your scholarship criteria, and contact recipients.

Step 4.

Award your scholarship!

Congratulate the recipient(s) of your scholarship directly on our dashboard and close your scholarship for new applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CommonScholarshipApp protect my organization’s privacy?

Under no circumstances will CommonScholarshipApp sell scholarship providers’ data or students’ data. CommonScholarshipApp protects its members’ personal information with the highest level of security; such information will only be used for the purposes of matching you with the most qualified applicants based on your scholarship criteria.

How are students matched to my scholarship?

CommonScholarshipApp’s advanced technology matches students with scholarships based on matching criteria and eligibility. Each scholarship has its own eligibility requirements which is based on specific criteria such as age, GPA, location, subjects of interest, ethnicity, and more. These requirements for eligibility are then cross-matched with student profiles if they meet the criteria.

Is there a listing fee?

There is no fee to list scholarships for the first year of registering with CommonScholarshipApp. After that, the cost is $60 per scholarship listing.

What if I don’t find any candidates on CommonScholarshipApp that qualify?

CommonScholarshipApp does not guarantee a perfect match, however our technology will show your scholarship to the top eligible applicants. Additionally, we do not require your scholarship to be exclusive to our platform. You are still free to post your listing on other third party services, whether that be on multiple scholarship search engines or platforms, or none. The source from which the winner is selected is completely up to you.

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